Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in Young Women

If you think that breast cancer only targets older women, you should think twice because cancer of the breast can also occur to many young women. In fact, a significant number of young women are diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer disease. Most women are not really aware of this and they are not thought of the proper way to identify signs of breast cancer in young women that is why it is essential that they should look for signs in their body.

Women not only the old ones but also the youth should be responsible enough about their body by taking good care of it, and watching for unusual signs or symptoms they may found. Even if they are younger, they are not yet exempted from any diseases just like cancer of the breasts. Some warning signs of breast cancer in young women to watch out for are:

• Nipple symptoms. This symptom is the first sign that most women should see if they feel that there is something wrong with their breasts. The nipples become retracted or indented. This usually points downward instead of the normal facing straight. Women may also notice unusual and frequent discharges from the nipple.

• Breast shape and size changes. Another early warning sign of breast cancer is the changes in the size of the breast. The changes normally happen step by step but in some cases, the changes may happen rapidly and it will be noticed easily. The size may either grow larger or smaller, it depends on every woman.

• Color changes. The color may be visible so young women can immediately identify that there is something wrong with the breasts. It may look red or pink and the skin feels like a skin of an orange. These changes may happen one at a time or happen all at the same time.

• Roughness of the skin. The roughness would usually occur on the nipple part; however it may also be visible in any part of the breast skin.

• Lumps or cyst. When a lump is found in the breast, then most likely this is confirming that a young woman may be suffering from cancer of the breast. Go and see your doctor for breast physical examination to find out if the lump is really associated with cancer of the breast.

If these warnings signs of breast cancer in young women are experienced, do not be alarmed too much. See your doctor immediately for an examination and diagnosis. When these signs are detected earlier, there is a bigger chance for cure and treatment.


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