Signs of Physical Attraction That Women Use to Attract Men

Men who haven’t had much luck with beautiful women are capable of dating beautiful women if they understand the signs of physical attraction. Women use body language to communicate to guys that they are interested in them. Body language signals are the signs of attraction that women use to express interest in men without having to approach them directly.

By reading this article, you will know why women use body language to communicate their interest in men and why men have to understand what women are trying to get them to see. You will be able to go into any public place and understand the body language of the women around you as it pertains to their physical interest in you. More importantly, you will be able to use body language your self to spark attraction with women your interested in.

What you will get out of this article:

– Why women use body language

– How women try to tell you to leave

– How women use their eyes to flirt

– How women use their legs and arms to flirt

– How women use lips and tongue to flirt

– How women use touch to flirt

Why women use body language to flirt with men

Beautiful women have always been pursued by men. Women tend to approach dating from the perspective that they need to be physically attractive to get men to notice them instead of rival women. Beautiful women have tons of interested men approach them everyday so they don’t need to approach men. Although they don’t have to approach men, women have mastered the technique of using body language to attract men in a passive but effective way.

By being able to read a man’s body language, a woman can size you up within seconds of meeting you. Your body language will tell more about you than your words could ever say. A man can lie about who he is but his body language will always be the true indicator about his personality and his confidence.

Women are naturally great at reading and using body language so you better develop a better understanding of the message you’re body is portraying.

How women try to tell you to leave

First let’s start with how women try to tell you they are not interested. A woman will give a man she is interested in, her undivided attention. Women will ignore everyone around them and gaze into a man’s eyes to reaffirm the fact that he is the focal point of her attention.

When she is not interested, she will:

-start looking over her shoulder

-start looking over his shoulder

-avoid looking him in his face as she speaks

-start playing with some object

-start mini conversations with other people around her

Women will also give another female (not necessarily her friend) the “come save me” eyes in which other women recognize and will steal her away. She will give you very short yes or no answers and she will not contribute to the conversation by asking questions or engaging you deep dialogue.

If he is not catching on, she will eventually excuse herself with some convenient excuse and leave. Most women are nice and don’t want to hurt his feelings but he has to take the hint and excuse himself. This will save him face and allow him to go meet other women.

How women use their eyes to flirt

Eye contact may be the biggest way women try to communicate with men. They will see a guy across the room and start giving eye signals that give men permission to approach.

If a man sees a woman look at him, then look away, then look at him, then look down, he should go talk to her. She may also start to play with their hair. For many women their hair is one of their strong physical features. So when they start to feel attracted and uncomfortable they play with their hair to reassure themselves.

If a woman is really interested in a man, she will gaze into his eyes deeply. If she is thinking about what it would be like to kiss him, she will start to look at his lips. She is imagining the whole kissing scene.

How women use their legs to flirt and arms to flirt

Another thing to watch for is how women use their legs. When a man is talking to a woman and she crosses her legs with her top leg pointing in his direction, she is interested in him. If she crosses her top leg away from him she is not interested.

The same thing applies to the arms. When a woman is interested in a man she will open her chest up to him. It’s a subtle sexual flirt. She will intentionally let him get a view to get his mind thinking about things unseen.

If she is not interested she will cross her arms or pull her shirt or blouse over her bare chest. She might put her elbows on the table and put her hands on her chin. You have seen this stance before. If she is subconsciously trying to make a man uninterested in her, she will do things to make him bored with her, as opposed to playing with his imagination.

How women lips and tongue to flirt

A kiss to a woman is a very powerful expression of intimacy. If a man knows how to kiss he can capture the love of any woman. So naturally when a woman is interested in a man, she will start to wonder how he kisses.

She may start to pucker up her lips in anticipation of the kiss or start to lightly lick her lips with her tongue. She will do this to try and get him to start thinking about kissing her. If nothing else she will his lips and imagine her self kissing him.

A man that can kiss the right way is a hot commodity to women. It’s romantic and gives them a great insight to how he is in bed.

How women use touch to flirt

Women will cross the comfort zone that we all have, that is around 2-4 feet from our face, to move things along. Women will reach across and touch a man’s hand or arm to create a more intimate and personal relationship. When women get touchy/feely with a man she wants him to start touching her.

So you should….


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