Penis Girth – 3 Ways To Gain Penis Size Girth

Does penis size matter? The answer is yes, but it may not be what you think.

You see it’s not the length that matters, it’s the girth or width. Women have reported that penis girth size is what really matters when it comes to size. This provides more pleasure and pleasing sensation during sex.

This can be great news to a lot of guys. Getting bigger penis girth size is much easier that trying to add inches in length to your penis.

There are 3 ways you can achieve bigger girth. Now some of these are shortcuts, but they can work for impromptu sexual pleasing and sensation purposes.

Here are 3 ways to achieve bigger penis girth size:

  1. Hot Water. This is a quick and easy way to achieve your maximum girth size. The best way to use the hot water technique is to take a shower and direct warm to hot water towards your penis. What this does is increases blood flow, engorging the penis and making it much thicker. You can also use a warm to hot hand cloth and simply wrap it around the penis for a few minutes. Both these ways are great tricks to use right before you are about to have sex with your partner. You penis will essentially be primed for maximum girth size.
  2. Double Condoms. This is another quick and easy trick to artificially jack up width size during sex. Have two condoms ready and right after slipping one on, put the other one on. You may need to lube up the first condom to get the other one on snug. This will make your girth as large as possible during sex. It helps to use regular condoms instead of the one’s advertised as “ultra thin”. Since you are going for girth, you want to use the thickest make possible. The added benefit with two condoms is that you will likely end up lasting longer during sex as well.
  3. Jelqing for Girth. Many guys have heard about the jelqing exercise, but unfortunately many attribute jelqing results with penis length. Actually jelqing results are also about penis girth. Matter of fact most guys who report their jelqing results, will often site width gains as being the more notable size increase. Jelqing consists of basically massaging the penis from the base to just before the head with your hands. It involves one slow and controlled stroke using one hand at a time. It is performed with the penis being in a semi-erect state, and is performed with lubrication. A number of sets and reps are performed for several weeks until desired gains are achieved.

Here’s some frequently asked questions on achieving girth:

Is the hot water technique better than the double condom technique?

Depends. I would try both and first see which method you are comfortable with. Some guys don’t like using condoms, let alone two at once. But then hot water can be inconvenient and unrealistic. Then see your results. You might be happy with the width increase from hot water. On the other side of the coin, maybe both techniques used together could be your best bet for maximum “on the spot” girth gain.

What’s the best approach for size girth – hot water, double rubbers, or jelqing?

Actually all three used at separate times is the best way to go. In other words if you start jelqing now, you will have to wait for girth gains to kick in. In the meantime you can be using hot water to gain width. And when that’s not convenient, you can simply carry another condom and double up on the spot. Eventually your jelq results will kick in and you can drop the other two methods altogether.

How long does jelqing take for girth?

It varies, but generally jelqing routines are at least 8 weeks long. But having said that, some guys report noticing girth results in as little as a few weeks.


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