The Health Benefits Of Drinking Oolong Tea

Health benefits of oolong tea include the reduction of chronic health situations corresponding to coronary heart disease, inflammatory issues, and excessive levels of cholesterol whereas offering imperative antioxidants, selling superior bone construction, great skin, and good dental well being. Oolong tea is aromatic with a fruity taste and a sweet aroma. Despite its caffeine content material, it can still be very relaxing to drink.

The origins of oolong tea date back approximately 400 years, when it discovered extensive utilization in China. It is a semi-green fermented tea, however, the fermentation process of is halted as soon as the tea leaves begin to change their coloration.

Nutritional value of Oolong Tea:

Tea is a real reward that’s wealthy in antioxidants. It additionally incorporates vital nutritional vitamins and minerals corresponding to calcium, manganese, copper, carotin, selenium, and potassium, in addition to vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin k. Additionally, it includes folic acid, niacinamide, and different detoxifying alkaloids. It is developed in semi-fermented processing, offering the oolong tea with quite a few polyphenolic compounds, including much more invaluable well-being advantages to oolong tea. Oolong tea additionally incorporates caffeine and theophylline and theobromine that are just like caffeine which on consumption might stimulate the nervous system.

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Oolong Tea health benefits:

The various well-being advantages of oolong tea are as follows:

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea
The Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Weight management:

The polyphenol compound present in oolong tea may be very efficient in controlling the metabolism of fats within the body. It prompts certain enzymes, thereby enhancing the features of fats cells within the body. It is often believed that each day consumption of oolong tea can reduce weight problems. More comprehensive research need to be done on peoples; however, early studies are very promising. In one animal research, mice that got polyphenols along with a high-fat and high sugar weight loss plan although confirmed a decline in overall body weight and fats index. Some earlier research truly confirmed that the caffeine content material was the active ingredient for the weight loss; nevertheless, it now seems to be primarily attributable to polyphenols. Apparently, the vital elements in oolong tea make fats give you the results you want!

Removal of free radicals:

The polyphenolic compound in oolong tea can be accountable for the removing of free radicals in our body as a result of it features as an antioxidant and stimulates the conduct of different free radical compounds within the body. Therefore, consuming each day oolong tea can assist peoples from the potential hurt that these free-moving cells usually pose to the human body, together with most cancers, atherosclerosis, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, neurodegeneration, and diabetes. Any antioxidant property of meals or drink is helpful; however, polyphenols are notably highly effective antioxidants in oolong tea.

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Healthy skin:

According to scientific experiments, victims diagnosed with eczema can benefit from consuming three cups of oolong tea all through the day. The approving results of oolong tea might be seen in less than a week in these sufferers, who confirmed outstanding enhancement of their skin. Although the active mechanism has not been pinpointed exactly, many consider that the polyphenols present in oolong tea additionally works as anti-allergenic compounds, thereby relieving irritation and chronic skin issues, often known as atopic dermatitis. In a 2001 research, 54% of test subjects were found to show positive, long-lasting results regarding skin issues after 6 months of daily consumption of oolong tea.

Healthy bones:

The antioxidants present in oolong tea shield tooth towards decay, strengthen the bone construction, stop osteoporosis, and support healthy growth of the human body. Much research analyzed the long-term results of consuming tea, notably on bone mineral density (BMD). It confirmed that individuals who persistently drank black or oolong tea for greater than 10 years have been tremendously much less more likely to lose their bone mineral density (BMD) over that span of time. It is believed that some of the components in tea stimulate the retention of minerals from other food that we consume.


Oolong tea is used as a natural brew for treating type-2 diabetes and as an addition to different supplementary medication for treating that illness. It regulates the quantity of blood sugar and insulin that is in the bloodstream at any one time, so the damaging dips and spikes in blood sugar that may be so disastrous for diabetic patients were decreased. A 2003 research confirmed that when mixed with conventional hyperglycemic medication, oolong tea additional balanced the blood sugar levels and limited the sudden drops in virtually all the test subjects.

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Alzheimers & Cancer Prevention:

Scientists found that the compounds in green tea and oolong tea also helps to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea Health Benefits

What was really exciting about this study was that we found when enzymes digest green/oolong tea in the gut, the resulting chemicals are more effective against key triggers of Alzheimer’s development than the undigested form of the tea,” Dr. Okello explained. “In addition to this, we also found the digested compounds had anti-cancer properties, significantly slowing down the growth of the tumor cells which we were using in our experiments.

Doctors recommend drinking 2 to 4 cups of green/oolong tea a day to get the full benefit of this therapeutic beverage.

Stress administration:

In an in-depth research performed at the Osaka Institute of Health Care Science in Japan, the experimental mice that ingested oolong tea confirmed an outstanding enhancement of their stress ranges by 10 to 18 %. The pure polyphenols within the oolong tea were cited as the principle reason behind it being such a stress-buster. Also, the L-theanine present in tea leaves is an amino acid that blocks L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors within the mind. This would usually cause cortical neuron pleasure, which ends up in elevated cognitive exercise and neural stress responses. Since this amino acid binds to these sites, excitation does not happen, and stress decreases because you are more able to keep your mind at rest.

Mental Health:

Health advantages of oolong tea include improved psychological efficiency and application. Regular consumption of oolong tea might assist in bettering mental efficiency and sustaining alertness all through the day.

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Oolong Tea warnings:

Despite all of these good health results, you will need to do not forget that oolong tea tends to be very excessive in caffeine, which isn’t the healthiest element of this vital beverage. Caffeine treats many individuals in another way. However, a few of the unwanted side effects of extra caffeine are complications, anxiousness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, and confusion.

More critical situations that may be exacerbated by an excessive amount of caffeine are diabetes, coronary heart disease, anxiousness, irritable bowel syndrome, and hypertension. Also, consuming an excessive amount of oolong tea can truly sweep out extra calcium that your body is processing. For sufferers with osteoporosis, this may speed up the method of bone degradation, regardless that different components of oolong tea are helpful for that situation. It is best to use it as a preventative method for bone health, rather than treatment.

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