How to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating – Is He a Cheater?

How to tell if your husband is cheating has a lot to do with your guts. If deep inside you are having doubts that there might be another woman, Then your marriage could be in trouble. You have probably worked hard to keep your marriage like other honest women out there but things don’t seem right. If your man is cheating on you, he probably thinks that he is too smart for you, That you can’t find out the truth. A marriage is a holy commitment but most men forget the vow “until death do you apart”. Here are a few tips on how to tell if your husband is a cheater.

  • His Work Mates – When you meet people that he works with, They act strange around you. As a woman you understand other women, so sometimes a woman that he works with may stand out when you meet his work mates. If she don’t know about you, He may try to make sure that she doesn’t confront him in your presence
  • New Intimate Moves – When you are making love, He has some new moves to make love with you
  • Sudden Showers -When he comes home from somewhere, He rushes straight to the shower. This is because he doesn’t want you to smell anything that can indicate to you that he was with someone else
  • New Things – He comes home with new things like clothes that you have no idea where they came from
  • Confiding In You – He stops seeking advice from you or even confiding with you. He makes decisions without your knowledge because he confides and gets advice from the other person
  • Emails – He suddenly starts to delete emails when they used to accumulate
  • He is nervous and uncomfortable around you. He is touchy when around you and doesn’t look into your eyes when you are having a conversation. This is because of the feelings of guilt
  • He shows sudden interest in some kinds of music
  • Condoms – You find condoms in his car, Pockets or bag and he gives fake excuses about them. You should be more worried if you and him do not use condoms.
  • He suddenly wants to use protection with you because he is worried about getting infected with an STD and transmitting it to you
  • Hang Out baddies – He starts to hang out with his buddies like he never used to before
  • You get an STD that you don’t know where it came from. He may get defensive about it and even try to give you a theory as to why you both have that STD
  • His Friends Cheat -He has friends that cheat and he agrees that they do. People who have similar interests hang out together
  • When you are leaving out of town, He gets very happy and doesn’t seem bothered that he will miss you
  • He shops for new outfits, Makes his hair look decent and even starts to work out in order to lose some extra weight. This is a strong sign when he never used to care about his hair and if he dresses really nice
  • You find lip stick on the collar of his shirt or on his face. Lipsticks can leave a cheater to get exposed
  • He is more interested in you leaving the house so that he can have plenty of time to go and spend time with the other woman

These are some of the ways in which you can tell if your man is cheating on you. There are many other things to consider and unless you are sure that he is doing something without your knowledge, You should never confront him about his infidelity. Gather evidence full of proof that he is a cheater before you take any action. Visit how to tell if your husband is cheating for more helpful information.


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