How To Give A Girl Multiple Orgasms – Make Her Scream With Pleasure And Get Her Begging For More

So how can you give a girl multiple orgasms? Does size matter in this case? Does how long you last matter? Well it might be surprising but none of the above mentions factors make much of a difference when it comes to giving a girl multiple orgasms. There are bigger factors which play a vital role in making a girl orgasm. You see most guys don’t realize the right way of doing it and often end up screwing up the whole situation and the mood. These are the type of guys who don’t know what they are doing and often think their size is the matter of it all. But the facts tell a completely different story. Read on to discover how you can give a girl multiple orgasms and achieve earth shattering results within no time…….

Women love to be surprised- This is something most average guys don’t seem to do. You see nothing can turn a woman on more than the excitement of being caught off guard. You see but it does not mean you surprise them when they least expect it and they take it in the negative sense it’s rather about letting them know what’s about to come but not telling them when, how and where.

Women love details- Another factor which is extremely important in order to give a girl multiple orgasms is to give her details about her body. Most men don’t talk about such things much and just get into it real quick. Women are vary about details and would love to know what you like about them. For example when you are kissing her tell her how sweet and soft her lips are and how good you feel.

Do it as if you’ve been hungry forever- Think of it this way- What if you were kept off sex for about 5 years and told this is your last chance to have it so do whatever you please. This is the attitude you need to really make her orgasm multiple times. You see you need to act like this is your last chance to do it as you would put in your best and try to get the maximum pleasure out of it at the same time give her extreme pleasure.


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