How to Find a Dominant Woman

You want to know how to find a dominant woman. This is the dream of all submissive men. This article is intended to provide you with practical information that should save you time and money. I will tell you which places on the internet to avoid and I will give you a simple method to find the superior females you crave.

I have had many alternative relationships myself where I was the Mistress. So this information comes to you from first-hand knowledge and experience.

You would be wise not to waste your time, effort and money on either classified sites or niche-specific alternative lifestyle dating sites. Classifieds like those offered by “Craig’s List” are replete with internet marketers posing as dominant ladies. These marketers just want to get you to part with your money by purchasing expensive memberships to dating sites. The niche dating services tend to be fairly worthless because they have too few members and, to make up for this, it is rumored that many use fake profiles to lure new members.

Those are the places to avoid. So, now I will tell you how to find a dominant woman. It is very simple.

Most people do not trust classifieds or new dating sites in the alternative niche. The majority of people join popular dating communities (free or paid). That being the case, all “you” have to know now is how to find these dominant women on such sites.

The easiest is to make a profile and write down that you want a dominant Mistress (wife or girlfriend) and ask any such women to contact you. Then put in a search for local ladies. Begin sending friend requests (as many as you like). This will encourage ladies to look at your profile. You will soon have dozens (perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands) of female friends on your list. Fairly shortly, you will begin receiving emails from dominant females who want a submissive male just like you.


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