Cramping During Pregnancy – What’s Normal, What’s Not

Cramping During Pregnancy

Cramping During Pregnancy:

It can be quite frightening to experience cramping during pregnancy, but our complete guide will let you know what’s normal and what’s not at the stage of bad cramps while pregnant, and how to tell the difference.

Cramping and spotting are considered to be one of the most common but at the same time it is one of the horrifying signs of pregnancy. Cramps in pregnancy take place at the time of the uterus changes and response to know that something is happening in the womb. “The uterus is the form of muscle”, and the primary job of the muscle is to contract. When some muscle contracts you eventually feel the sort of cramps during pregnancy. In simple, we would say when your uterus is stimulating by a full bladder, vigorous exercise, or something more than its natural coming result will be in the form of contraction.

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Reasons you may feel Cramping During Pregnancy:

Some of the leading causes through which your uterus might contract at any time during pregnancy include a full bladder, exercise, an orgasm, or a urinary tract infection(UTI). Here’s what you can expect, Trimester by Trimester.

Cramping Early Pregnancy:

The good news is there are lots of common and non-concerning reasons you may experience cramping during early pregnancy.

First Trimester: For some of the women who are expecting, they do face the pregnancy cramps or pains in the first trimester. It is one of the most common signs of the pregnancy. It is very common that you go through the cramping stage when the fertilized eggs travel into the uterine wall. This process is known as implantation cramping. It gives you the feeling that your period cramps are about to get started. During the first two trimesters of the pregnancy, the growth of uterus takes places that often give rise to the calf cramps. Moreover, the stage of changing of hormones in the human body is one of the leading causes of gas and constipation along with bloating. Few of the pregnant women will be going to go through the mild cramping at the severe level during the first 16 weeks of the pregnancy.

Most of the women do have a perception that when they experience cramping during early pregnancy, then they are near to the risk of miscarriages. Well, that is just your imagination! Medically it has been tested that leg cramps during pregnancy are not at all one of the signs of failures.

Abortions usually take place at the time when there is some abnormal development in the eggs. As a result, the body will be responding to the pregnancy in the form of miscarriage. If you do face abortion due to light cramps early pregnancy then along with cramping, you will face blood and tissue that gives the uterus with irritating touch. As the blood of tissue will contract the miscarriage takes place. However, it is very rare in percentage among women!

Second Trimester: The middle trimester of pregnancy is the stage when you will be facing fewer cramping. Plus you would not be facing any other uncomfortable signs of pregnancy. Those women who are expecting twins their uterus grows much more quickly. They travel into the third-trimester proportions in the second trimester. Therefore, most often it is said that carrying the twins is a greater risk in the preterm labor.

Another one of the most important cause of cramping during pregnancy is the round ligament pain. This condition takes place when the ligaments that are acting as a support system for uterus they stretch up as the uterus starts growing in the upward position. In such time-period, the pain which you will face will be thick and sharp one-sided pain.

One of the most serious causes of cramping during 2nd trimester in pregnancy can take place because of the uterine fibroids. This cause is very much rare among the women. It is all about the dangerous growth of tissues. Such situations are much common among the African-American women. This uterine fibroid situation can take place during the 2nd trimester. Its main reason is that there is not much blood to sustain the growth. As they do and try to maintain the pain occurs that is much severe. Any women who do have faced uterine fibroid at any stage of their life they should be alert enough to face such situations in the pregnancy as well. It might happen that she get hospitalization just to manage the pain in a better way.

Third Trimester: The third trimester is the time of pregnancy when Braxton Hicks contractions take place. These are the contractions that might happen when the labor is all about to get started. If you are facing these Braxton Hicks in the 2nd or 3rd trimester then through this, you can determine that whether you will go through preterm labor or not. You should shop around and search for the books on internet related to severe leg cramps at night.

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Signs that cramping during pregnancy isn’t a concern:

You’ve had sex: In such painful situations, almost all the doctors do ask the first question that whether they had sex with their spouse or not. Intercourse is considered to be one of the leading causes of the cramping arrival. It is mainly because of the reason that semen are prostaglandins that stimulate the uterus. There is nothing wrong to have sex.

Changing position makes them better or worse: Changing the positions when the uterus is growing can make the condition either better or sometimes worse. This situation is all about the methods related to learning that whether your uterus is stretching or if it is supporting the ligaments.

A bowel movement or passing gas brings relief: You can get the best relief all the way through the bowel movement or even the passage flow of the gas. It will make you stress-free as you learn the fact that this pain has taken place because of the gastrointestinal problem rather than to the uterus.

Signs of cramping during pregnancy you should never ignore:

Six or more contractions in one hour of pregnancy are known out to be one of the main signs of the preterm labor.

Dizziness, bleeding or lightheadedness that accompanies cramping (especially if you have not yet confirmed your pregnancy with a Doppler Ultrasound). This can be a warning of an ectopic pregnancy. Bleeding or spotting is also known as one of the main signs of miscarriage or placenta previa (a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix).

Pink discharge is a severe sign of preterm labor because it can mean your cervical length is changing.

Facing constant cramping when you are expecting twins will be going to give rise to your risk of preterm labor. There is a long history of preterm labor or ectopic pregnancy with such situations or it also diagnosed with a shortened cervix.

Back and abdominal pain has always been mentioned to be worse and severe during pregnancy. These are often one of the leading causes of severe period pain. It often gives rise to the vomiting and fever. These conditions of fever or vomiting can be the primary causes of kidney stones or gallbladder disease. You should readily get in consultation with the health care doctor if you are not getting any improvements in your toe cramps or pain.

If your pain is not improving even by the changes in your physical condition, then rush to your doctor immediately.

How to relieve cramping during pregnancy:

The very first best suggestion is that the pregnant women should get on their feet and take maximum rest. You should drink the maximum amount of fluids and take acetaminophen (Tylenol). Never make the use of heating pad on top of your abdomen. You should not even use it if you are thinking about the menstrual cramp relief. It will be raising your temperature during pregnancy that can harmfully affect the baby growth.

Plus we would even recommend that the women should make the use of the warm shower for the period pain. You should even take the stretching and be sitting breaks all the way through the whole day. You can try this advice when your cramping is taking the worse shape after staying in one position.

Never delay getting in contact with the doctor when you have any situations of cramping during pregnancy. You should even consult in knowing about the period pain remedies.

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