Body Language – Learn the Signs That a Girl Likes You

“You just arrived in the bar and you are at the counter, ordering drinks. You see a very attractive woman across the room, looking over in your direction. She is smiling at you…

“Wait! She could just have been smiling anyway and happened to glance in my direction…I mean, I don’t even know her”

You’re intrigued, but before you find the courage to speak to her, you need to know for sure:

Is she flirting with you?”

Basic attraction is something that is known and felt from within. There are consistent and identifiable messages that women send to signal interest in men. Yet so many guys miss these signals or, as in the story above, even refuse to acknowledge them. Ask yourself, have you ever spent endless hours chatting to somebody you are attracted to, but still had no idea if they were attracted to you? So many people worry about reading gestures wrong and getting rejected. If only there was a certain method that would reveal the truth in one’s mind!

There are in fact some signs of attraction you can use as guideline to know if the person is romantically interested in you. There is a way of gauging the attraction between two people and a way of knowing when is the best time to make a move. The answer is body language. Body language can reveal a lot about a person and can definitely be used to know about somebody’s feelings and thoughts. Once you broaden your awareness and become good at reading people’s body language, you will know when a person is romantically inclined or simply being friendly.

Read below to discover some interesting body language signs of attraction and figure out the potential of your future conversations.

  • Strong, confident and unwavering eye contact eye contact can be very powerful and often means the person is attracted to or at least interested in you.
  • If a woman is comfortable with a guy and is feeling sexy, she will tilt her head to show her neck or touch her neck frequently.
  • The way a woman blows smoke out and holds her cigarette will tell you a lot about how she is feeling.
  • If you’re talking to a woman who likes you, you can tell if she’s feeling a little horny if her nostrils flare. In fact, flaring nostrils are an irrefutable sign of sexual arousal.
  • One of the most universal signs of attraction is the smile. If the person you are attracted to is smiling back at you, then you know things are going well.
  • If she touches you while talking, that is also another of the body language signs of attraction. All men love the feel of a woman’s touch and she knows this and it is probably the most powerful flirting technique.
  • If you are flirting with her and she constantly leans in while talking or listening, then you can be fairly sure that attraction exists between you. Do not move back or move away while she is trying to lean over you, because her reason is to become closer to you.
  • Many women know that licking their lips is something that men find sexy. When she does this, a woman is telling you that she likes you and wants your attention.
  • Body language makes up a very big part in the first moments of courtship, and by watching her hands, you will learn so much about her intentions.
  • Copying the actions, gestures and gesticulations of the person you are attracted to, is one of the obvious body language signs of attraction. It’s natural to mirror someone you like, so if there is someone who likes you, the body language will show.
  • Playing with hair can be one of the most obvious signs of female attraction. It is a very sexy gesture and twirling and tossing draws a man’s eye to it.
  • Feet play an important part in communication and can tell a great deal about the level of attraction involved. As a general rule, if you are standing or sitting and are attracted to someone your right foot will be pointing in their direction
  • The area at the back of your wrists is known to be mildly erotic. If the woman is interested, she will naturally display her wrists to you while she is in conversation.


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