3 Body Language Secrets That Make You Irresistible to Attractive Women

Believe it or not, women are able to sense many things about a person just through body language. Sometimes, body language speaks more truth than what the mouth says so it is really important. Body language takes communication to the next level. It’s very effective especially for people who do not do well in expressing themselves using words.

In this article, you will find the 3 most effective body languages you can practice that can make you irresistible to women. Keep in mind that women are so much better in reading body language so be sure to keep yours attractive. A guy who slouches, walks too fast, always has his hand on his back is sure not to get any attractive woman nor any woman at all so read on and find out what you could have been doing wrong and what you need to do to succeed.

First of all, you must know that “touching” is very important to women. A simple touch by a man to their hand can mean much more than you think. They hate guys that are allergic to touching. A good way to do this is for example, you are being introduced to a girl; remember to smile and shake their hand or better yet a cheek-to-cheek-kiss. This will give her an impression that you are a gentleman and nice. Do this often and you can be assured that you will see an improvement on the attention that girls are giving you.

Another thing is posture. A man who walks like a shy kid is never to get an attractive woman. Walk tall and chin up. Straighten your back and act like a real man. That’s what girls are looking for. They are looking for someone who can defend and fight for them. A good posture speaks confident the best so try to keep yours good.

Do not look shy and intimidated. Don’t let your body show that you are nervous or shy whenever a woman is around you. Although you need to keep your posture good, try to relax and act natural. Always keep a good energy and a light mood so you can attract happy woman as well. Always keep your head up high, straighten your back, and relax those shoulders.

Seductive actions can make woman feel attracted too. Simple actions like flexing you biceps or stretching out for them to see some of that chest without being too obvious can make them go ga-ga. These types of actions can get a woman definitely asking for more but do not over do it or you’ll look stupid.

All in all, body language can speak your personality louder than words so take good care of it. Keep in mind also that your body would not lie and will reflect on how you feel so keep a healthy body. Eat healthy and exercise so you’ll feel better about yourself. Once you do so, women will automatically sense that you are comfortable with yourself will see that as an attractive trait.

A weak body cannot communicate a strong personality so always take care of yourself.

What if you could seduce any woman you wanted?


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